Spring time is upon us and what better way to welcome the season, than with a fresh touch of greenery.

Sprinkling in a few potted plants can bring some color and life into your domain. A blooming flower, succulents or even a prickly little cactus can all be great additions to your family. Finish it off with decorative pot that compliments the rest of your home décor, and done.

 You now have a fresh new feel to your springtime home.  For more décor tips and tricks, click below. 


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We’ve seen the fascination for minimal & simple living explode as a popular trend this year and it doesn’t look like it’s leaving anytime soon. A clean, simple and minimal lifestyle inspired from traditional Scandinavian design is easy to transform into your home with a few simple tips.

 Less is more is the mantra to live by for this design trend. Down to the bare essentials this style embraces clean lines, neutral palettes and natural textures like wood, copper, marble and even concrete. Try implementing wooden folding chairs, monochromatic artwork, copper light fixtures or even a cactus plant.

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