Seagrove Beach - A buyer's choice to "Up the Ante"

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When assisting buyers in a second home market, finding the right property that suits all of their wants and needs, doesn't always come easy. Most seasoned buyers in a traditional market are accustomed to "checking all the boxes" when it comes to finding a property that meets all of their needs.  More often than not, it takes even the saviest of buyers, ample time to get used to the second home market and it's trends.  It typically takes months, even years, for them to realize that they will likely need to be a little more flexible with their "wish list" when shopping in a second home market.  Whether it be the price, location, view, square footage, or even something as simple as the size of the closets, there is usually one or more need that cannot be met and adjustments have to be made. This was certainly the case while I was assisting the new owners of 15 Azalea Street in one of 30A's oldest, yet, hottest communities, Seagrove Beach.  While Seagrove Beach has always been one of the most desirable locations on Scenic Highway 30A, it wasn't until recently that it became host to several notable sales, including the most recent market anomalies:  two Gulf-front homes selling within weeks of one another at a noteworth $7.1 million dollars.  These are just two of many other noteworthy sales occurring this year in popular Seagrove Beach: View recent Seagrove sales here and View active Seagrove inventory here.

When my buyer, Jon, and I began the search for the perfect property for he and his family, we were pretty much searching across the map, from Blue Mountain Beach all the way to Seacrest Beach.  Our inital search also included a price range of $700k - $1.0M.  After coming very close to making an offer on a new construction home in Blue Mountain Beach in the $800k range, he and his wife decided that Blue Mountain Beach just didn't suit their tastes in regard to location.  We then continued our search, slowly moving eastward, looking at options in Grayton Beach and even WaterColor.  A planned community never really appealed to Jon and his family. Though they could appreciate the strong rental revenue and popularity of WaterColor, they were more of the laid back, "Old Florida" vacation type.  Over many years of 30A family vacations from Tennessee, they'd come to the conclusion that the eclectic and laid back vibe, combined with the proximity to the "action" of neighboring Seaside, it was Seagrove that had their heart.  Of course, as a real estate agent, narrowing down a location is a key accomplishment when working with a buyer who initially has an open mind in regard to location.  It was then that I knew that it was a matter of time before we would find the right property for Jon and his family.  Jon and I both kept close eyes on the inventory in Seagrove. Anytime he found one that interested him online, he'd send me out in the field to get a video followed by a quick phone call, just so he could hear my "on the ground" opinion of what he was seeing online in Tennessee.  Eventually, Jon found a property online that he liked enough to make an offer on "site-unseen", based on my opinion and a simple video.  That property was in the Hammocks at Seagrove View property here.  We were unable to come to terms with the seller on this offer, so the search continued.  On their last spring break visit, Jon and his whole family came down for the week, ready to look at a few properties in person. Armed with a list of 5 homes in mind, ranging from $800k, all the way up to $1.8 million dollars, we began our property tour.  Of course, his wife and daughters fell in love with the then $1.8 million dollar house on Azalea Street.  I was skeptical to even show this home, as it was so high out of their initial range. As an agent, you never want to waste anyone's time or present anything out of the buyer's comfort zone.  They assured me that they could "swing it" if it was as fabulous as it seemed online.  Months later, after a large price reduction, we finally made an offer on the property which landed them in their dream beach home at 15 Azalea Street.  It was located right across the street from the aforementioned Gulf-front anomalies selling at a record $7.1M, on the corner of 30A and Azalea Street.  This home fit the bill in more ways than one.  Jon and his family realized that in order to meet more of their wants and needs in a healthy market, they would have to make some adjustments.  In this case, it was the price.  We had steadily climbed from a price point of $800k, all the way up to our final closing price of $1.6 million dollars.  On a side note, his wife will tell you that the closet size was also a huge adjustment she had to make in comparison to their primary home in Tennessee.  


"Just wanted to share how happy we are with the purchase of our home 
in Seagrove.  We have been working with Emily Thurman for close to a year.
We looked at several homes and she always emailed new listings and would view
them for us if need be.She was very patient with us as we were a little nervous
about a beach home purchase.  We closed on our property at end of June and could not be
happier!  We love our house.  Emily was very helpful during process and has continued
to be even after closing.  My wife and I are very appreciative of Emily!"

 - Jon Coggins, Nashville, Tennessee

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Matt Merlino wrote:

Emily is patient, Emily listens, Emily knows her stuff...and she can finish. We worked with Emily for two years plus. That's the patience. She listened....when we didn't know what we wanted she helped us find our way. She has something to add on every property from Destin to Panama City. After listening she steered us away from properties that didn't fit and help us find a wonderful condo that does. During negotiations she finished well, getting us the best deal possible. Emily, your the best...Thanks, Matt & Deb Merlino

Posted on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 at 9:44pm

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