Awesome New Wallpaper Trends That Are So Easy

Posted by Blake Morar on Thursday, June 1st, 2017 at 4:36pm

If you're like us, then you love the look, feel and variety that wallpaper gives you, but don't enjoy the hassle of putting it up. No worries! We have a few wallpaper trends that lets you put up your favorite prints & patterns with ease. 

Temporary Wallapper 
Brands like Tempaper and Walls Need Love are great options for temporary, self adhesive, easily removable wallpaper. Simply pick out your favorite pattern, and peel and stick onto an accent wall to freshen up your home design. The self adhesive allows for easy application, and leaves behind no damage.

Fabric Wallpaper
If you want to play with more pattern and texture options, then you can also pick out your favorite fabric and apply it as a wallpaper. This is a new trend for temporary wallpaper known as Fabric Faux Wallpaper.

With a more elegant feel and a cheaper alternative from traditional wallpaper, fabric comes in thousands of prints and is also easily applied with no damage to your home. Start by pinning your chosen fabric on the accent wall of your choice. Pour your liquid starch into a roller pan and paint the starch onto your fabric wallpaper, similar to how you would apply standard wallpaper. The starch hardens and keeps your designs sealed in place. When you are ready to remove you simply peel the fabric from the wall for a quick and damage free removal. 

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